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As you well know, Korea has a history of over 40 years of making medical
use of radiation and conducting research on related basic biology.
Your efforts have brought up the academic level of the field which is now internationally acknowledged. However, scholars in radiation biology research have so far engaged in academic activities separately, as part of different associations and societies such as The Korean Society for Therapeutic Radiology & Oncology, The Korean Society of Nuclear Medicine, Korean Cancer Association, The Korean Association for Radiation Protection, and The Korean Society of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Hence the need for a society that leads our academic activities. Out of this need, we have constantly sought the possibility of developing a society for the past four or five years prior to the launching of this Society.
There were limits, however, to a gathering of only those in the basic radiation biology field due to a lack of human resources and narrow range of activity. Against this background, the Korea Society of Radiation Bioscience was launched as an entity that integrates human resources of each field that engages in academic activity involving radiation biology in the overall medical radiation use area.

In this sense, KSRB is a society that develops technology, provides a venue for academic exchanges between members, and researches the use of radiation and radio-isotope in medical biology, on the academic foundation of biology basic science in medical use of radiation.

Up until now, the government lacked a leading entity for which to provide research support in the area of medical use of radiation. Now, with this Society, we have a concentrated and highly efficient system that provides a well-organized research support and procedure method.

As for academic activity, annual symposiums and publication of society papers would be the main events. In addition, we plan to select and carry out projects through academic exchanges between members that would be helpful to the development and future direction of the Society.

Now that our website is in place, I believe the running of the Society will be even more systematic in terms of time and space since exchanges between members and academic activities are now available on the web.
In order for this website to remain active, we need your support and cooperation.
I ask for your active participation.

October 2005